In the Before Days, I was a Masked Bookseller. With that necessarily put on hold, I have become a Masked Maskmaker. This site will help me to get my masks to you, and mean that I don't have to explain each time how to get a postage label, or where to come to collect.

Please wear a mask; it is an act of generosity towards, and solidarity with, others. And it may just help you too.

My masks are part of the gift economy.  There is no charge.  Free masks for Notts.


Please note: I know this website is clunky, but I need my time to make masks, not a website, so please forgive that.  It seems to be a bit better on a bigger screen, some missing on a phone.  If you don't see a menu, then your device hates my website.  Can you look at it on a different one?

Wearing a mask will not make you invincible.  It is only one part of your defence against coronavirus.  Please continue to keep your distance from others, wash your hands frequently, and stay at home as much as you can.  Don't go and hug a stranger!

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