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ExLibris, the Masked Maskmaker

Free masks for charities, community groups, food banks, etc.  Please contact me if your community group etc needs washable cotton face masks.

https://chriscookcann.wixsite.com/maskmaker or boraxwoman-exlibris@yahoo.co.uk

Choose to give your book payments to either of these Nottingham organisations:

Host Nottingham

HOST Nottingham formed in 2011 as a response to the growing number of destitute asylum seekers and refugees needing housing support across Nottingham. The charity sought to provide a referral into temporary accommodation for asylum seekers and refugees utilising individuals spare rooms, as well as providing a support network for those already informally hosting asylum seekers and refugees.  Since that time, Host Nottingham has grown to host many asylum seekers and refugees and has developed their support beyond hosting to include: a Clothes Bank, advocating for a just asylum system as well as providing practical support. Host Nottingham is more than just hosting!


We R Here

Established in 2011, We R Here offers support for families who are struggling.  We offer support not only for parents but specialist support for children is also available.  We are here to bring support to children, young people, their families and carers. Many people experience significant traumatic life events such as domestic violence, grief, loss and bereavement. Access to therapeutic support makes a significant difference to the sense of emotional well-being experienced after such life impacting events. Our objective is to be here when this support is needed. Our counselling is free to access and person-centred.

Our journey has been achieved with the hard work of a small team of staff, volunteers and Trustees who are committed to ensuring that this service grows to meet the continuing rise in demand for the specialist service we offer.


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